A website, no updates

Hey! I'm back with my first update in a long while. 
So why did it took so long for a new update? Not that I had nothing to tell actually. I really wanted to write about the field I work in: online chess promotion. But somehow I didn't dare to write anything close to that topic.
When I made this website about three years ago I just started working for international chess tournaments. The time that followed brought me through several jobs, many experiences and I collaborated with various parties in the chess world. I developed myself in different areas. Every tournament learned me new insights. And hence the confusion about online chess promotion only increased.
I simply kept on asking myself questions I hardy could find an answer on:
- How make top level chess tournaments more attractive for the big numbers
- Why is chess not on TV
- What are the major differences between top chess and other professional sports
- Who can lift online chess promotion to a higher level
- What should my role be to promote chess online
In the past few years I slowly but surely formed my opinion on these matters. And I'd like to share my thoughts with you as well. But, how can I write about the chess world while I still learn new things every new event? Maybe I wouldn't like my own writings after a few months anymore. Also, how to be independent in what I write - my clients could be reading these lines as well. It would be devastating to make any enemies in the small chess world. So, basically I had to find the right tone of voice not to hurt myself or others.
In the past three years I simply froze and decided not to write at all, but now, finally I will try to put my thoughts on paper.
And hopefully I will be able to share some insights that actually can bring the game forward.


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