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06 June 2018
Chess broadcasts are generally produced by strong chess players and the live commentary is aimed at serious chess players. Most chess commentators are Grandmasters, and they speak for an audience… Read more

09 May 2018
I have been following a lot of chess tournaments up close in the past 6 years or so – and I enjoy all of them. The current state of chess is quite okay as there are plenty of top level events with a… Read more

28 April 2018
This letter has been sent to Only some minor spelling corrections have been applied. With huge skepticism, I took notice of the Draft "FIDE LIVE MOVES BROADCASTING POLICY", in which… Read more

13 May 2015
It was only a couple of years ago when the live transmission of chess tournaments were - lets say -  still in development. Most websites were a mess, live games had some glitches here and there, live… Read more

29 July 2013
Sometimes I really wonder why I spend so much time in chess. Many people may recall the musty chess scene: old grandpa's smoking a pipe, in deep thought, pondering about their next move. Making their… Read more

17 March 2013
Everyone who ever played a serious game of chess will acknowledge the importance clock times can have during the decision making process. A chess player running out of time may play less accurate,… Read more

30 November 2012
A still from today's final of the World championships Chess for women. Ever seen an sportsmen dressed like her during a world championship final? It's not a dinner in the most expensive restaurant… Read more