About Lennart

Welcome to my website, which is a combination of a professional page and a semi-personal blog. Being a creative chess professional, you will mainly find chess related material on this website. Most of the stories I wrote prior 2013 were published on my previous website, and are in Dutch.
It's hard to introduce myself on a self-promoted website but lets give it a try: open-minded, creative, social, eager, perseverance, digital. These are just a few characteristics that bear to mind. I work as a creative professional, mainly in the field of chess. I work regularly with DGT-boards, build and design websites, produce live webcasts at tournaments, am into photography and I co-organise chess tournaments. Besides I like to meet new people and to get inspired by all the beautiful art people can make.
In the summer of 2011 I started LOCOM, my one-man company which covers my work inside and outside the chess world. It is my passion to improve the fundamentals of live chess broadcast. How to popularize a 'dull' sport like chess for a mass of people, like poker did? That is the question I deal with on a daily basis.

I enjoy working at chess events. Not only because I play the game myself and have a lot of friends in that field, but it also gives me the chance to work in multiple disciplines. At tournaments I regularly work as a webmaster, photographer, journalist in both written as video reports, as a game broadcaster with DGT-boards and produce live video streaming.
I am happy to enjoy the freedom to choose my own direction. I studied physics and came across different interesting fields, gained my Bachelor degree, but after some years I focused more on co-organising chess events and became interested in the field of communication. This brougth me to an internship at the largest museum for modern and contemporary arts in the Netherlands, the Stedelijk Museum. Although it was just an internship and not a full paid job, I had a wonderful time and stayed at that position for about 14 months, up to the grand reopening of the museum in September 2012.
Thanks to the Stedelijk I developed a passion for modern and contemporary arts and I enjoy visiting museums. Besides I listen to a broad range of (sub)popular music, British indie rock in particular, and am keen to visit some concerts once in a while. I am interested in different cultures and thanks to my job I am in the fortunate position to travel very frequently.
Quick Facts:
- born 8 July 1988 in Hoorn, the Netherlands
- raised in Amersfoort
- 2005-2009: Bachelor of Engineering in Applied Physics in Enschede, including half-a-year internships at AMOLF in Amsterdam, University Utrecht and Océ in Venlo.
- 2009-2011: Master Applied Physics in Delft (did not complete my Masters)
- 2011: founded LOCOM
- 2011: video editor at Schaaksite.nl
- 2011: built my first website
- 2011-2012: 14-month internship at the Press Office of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
- 2011-2013: freelance at the biggest Dutch chess tournaments (Wijk aan Zee, Amsterdam, Hoogeveen, Wolvega)
- 2012: first international tournament: European club championships in Israel
- 2012: moved to Valencia, Spain for about a year
- 2013: presented first version his new website for chess tournaments
- 2014: providing services for more than 10 international chess tournaments a year
Worked with:
- 2015: Tata Steel Chess, Gibraltar Chess Congress, Batavia Chess, European Individual Chess Championships, Reykjavik Open, US Chess Championships, Rabat Blitz
- 2014: Tata Steel Chess, Gibraltar Chess Congress, Batavia Chess, Reykjavik Open, US Chess Championships, Science Park Amsterdam Chess, ACP Golden Classic, Sinquefield Cup, European Club Championships, Millionaire Chess, Unive Chess, Remco Heite Chess Tournament, Qatar Chess Masters, London Chess Classic.
- 2013: Tata Steel Chess, Batavia Chess,  Science Park Amsterdam Chess, ACP Cup, Unive Chess.
- 2012: Tata Steel Chess, Batavia Chess,  Science Park Amsterdam Chess + ACP Golden Classic, European Club Championships, Unive Chess, Remco Heite Chess Tournament.



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