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Lennart Ootes


I am a chess photographer and broadcaster, with a passion for chess coverage. Since 2012 I have provided a wide variety of services at chess events, including many of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. By attending over 20 tournaments a year, I am the most experienced chess broadcaster in the chess world. 

My specialities include:

  • DGT Boards & Live Game Transmission
  • Chess Photography
  • Live Video Broadcasts
  • Tournament Websites
  • Digital Publishing
  • Consultation for Chess Tournaments

I've been an active chess player with a peak rating of 2217 and I hold the title of FIDE International Organizer. In 2018 I was awarded as Chess Photographer of the Year by the Russian Chess Federation.

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I have a collection of around 55.000 photos from over 175 chess events since 2013. My photos have featured on about 200 Magazine covers, and have been published in basically every chess magazine and website.

You can find all my photos in my Webshop, but you can find some selected albums below:


Buy photos in download and print

You can find my complete photo collection in my webshop. A vast majority of the photos are available for download and large prints will be available soon. Most top players have been tagged in the photos, so you can easily find a photo of your favourite player.


August 3, 2019

I regularly get the question what camera gear I use and how to get bright photos in dark environments. So here are some general thoughts on low light photography and some examples of the magic call

July 6, 2018

Chess broadcasts are generally produced by strong chess players and the live commentary is aimed at serious chess players.

May 9, 2018

I have been following a lot of chess tournaments up close in the past 6 years or so – and I enjoy all of them.


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